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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Intellian t110W and t130W with WorldView LNB delivers HD and SD programming all over the world

Compatible with programming signals in all world markets, Intellian t110W and t130W employ multi-band WorldView(TM) Low Noise Block-Down Converter (LNB) and receiver. Both 3-axis, commercial-grade antennas enable delivery of SD/HD DVB-S2 DTV programming via one LNB module. With selection of new location, Antenna Control Unit adjusts Auto-Polarizer and LNB module to required frequency and polarization for reception. Wideband technology offers stability of ±10 KHz for optimal signal reception.

Intellian, the world's technological leader in marine satellite antennas, announced an upgrade to the Intellian t110W and t130W w-Series antennas, the only commercial marine satellite TV antennas compatible with programming signals in all world markets. With a newly designed multi-band WorldViewTM Low Noise Block-Down Converter (LNB) and receiver, the powerful antennas now provide DVB-S2 digital TV reception giving captains, officers, crew and their guests the ability to enjoy entertainment at sea just like on shore. The highly stable, next generation WorldView LNB delivers one hundred times better accuracy and greater signal sensitivity than other satellite antenna systems on the market, allowing the new Intellian t110W and t130W to deliver a virtually limitless selection of Standard Definition and High Definition programming all over the world with one LNB module.

When moving from region to region, the t110W and t130W three-axis antennas switch between circular and linear polarized services with the simple selection of a new location. The Antenna Control Unit (ACU) adjusts the Intellian-exclusive Auto-Polarizer* and the all-new WorldView LNB module to the required frequency and polarization for satellite reception. This eliminates the need to purchase multiple LNBs, reconfigure complex systems and manually change the LNB unit inside the antenna dome each time the vessel crosses into a different satellite service region. The t110W and t130W's multi-band frequencies and auto-polarized design allows seamless connectively to any channel on any satellite worldwide.

The new t110W and t130W commercial antennas, as well as the smaller i6W and i9W w-Series antennas, with the next generation WorldView LNB module incorporate Intellian-exclusive Wideband technology which offers rock-solid stability of ±10 KHz for signal reception and operates on eight local oscillator (LO) frequencies - five circular (left and right) polarized for access to all programming in the North Americas, Latin American, Russia, Korea, China and Japan, and three linear (horizontal and vertical) polarized for access in Southeast Asia, Australia, Europe, the Middle East, Africa and some Asian countries. The professional-grade marine satellite TV antennas feature Intellian's patented Wide Range Search (WRS) algorithm for fast signal acquisition and pioneering Dynamic Beam Tilting (DBT) signal tracking technology. Designed and tested to excel in all sea states and weather conditions, the entire Intellian antenna range is manufactured to withstand the company's industry-leading standards for vibration and resonance frequency, as well as extreme shock. The new t110W and t130W antennas are waterproof rated to the IPx6 standard, and protected by a 2-year parts and 1-year labor limited warranty.

Intellian offers a full line of VSAT communications and satellite TVRO antennas for recreational boats and ocean vessels in the commercial, oil & gas markets, and the military. Intellian exports its product to 6 continents and over 40 countries and has established 300 contracted dealers and a support network worldwide. Intellian is headquartered in Seoul, South Korea and has U.S. operations in Irvine, California and Seattle, Washington.

The Intellian t110 is a powerful and robust 3-axis stabilized satellite TV antenna system with an outstanding coverage range that outperforms other systems in its class. The t110 is ideally designed for ocean-going vessels destined for international seas. With its 1.05 meter dish, Intellian’s t110 provides crystal clear digital images and CD-quality sounds from satellite television providers around the globe.

Using Intellian’s state-of-the-art Wide Range Search (WRS) and Dynamic Beam Tilting (DBT) technologies, the t110 delivers the highest performance and most reliable tracking capability even in the harshest marine conditions. The Intellian t110’s wide elevation range (-15° to +120°) pedestal design provides excellent satellite signal reception for the extreme low or high latitude areas such as the Scandinavian peninsula and equatorial regions.

In addition, the Intellian t110 is a fully integrated system with built-in GPS, Automatic Skew Angle Control, and a world satellites library which allows the user to select the correct satellite while travelling from region to region. The t110 is designed and manufactured to meet or exceed the most stringent environmental specifications, especially vibration and shock. Its proven mechanical design incorporates Intellian’s trademark simplicity and reliability. The Intellian t110 allows easy installation and maintenance through fewer cables and accessories. Its 19-inch rack mount control unit provides user-friendly ease of operation, and its specially designed PC controller software allows free lifetime system upgrades.

The Intellian t130 is a true 3-axis marine stabilized antenna system that offers the most precise pointing accuracy even in the harsh marine environments. With a 1.25m dish, the t130 is the best choice for the ocean-going vessels that require the satellite TV receptions around the globe. The t130 is a high-gain, high-efficient system that features a smaller dish, but offers an extraordinary signal gain with a lower EIRP requirement than any other systems in its class, especially on the edge of the coverage and in bad weather.

Instead of using a burdensome “Dish Scan” tracking method to constant whine of stabilization motors, the t130 incorporates Intellian’s most well-known technologies, WRS and DBT. Once the satellite signal has been acquired, the spinning sub-reflector does all the fine-tuning work even in bad weather or rough water. It constantly updates the vessel’s movements from any directions and redirects the signal to move the main dish just the right amount to keep the locked signal strength at maximum. In addition, its proven mechanical design incorporates Intellian’s trademark simplicity and reliability to meet the LR, DNV and military standards.

The t130 provides you an interactive and friendly operating platform through its 19-inch rack mount type control unit and PC controller software. It also includes the pre-programmed global satellite library which allows the user to select the preferred satellite while travelling from region to region by just one click away.Intellian t110W and t130W satellite TV antenna systems have a suggested retail price of US $20,350 and $22,550, respectively, and are currently available for purchase from authorized Intellian dealers and distributors throughout the world.

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