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Friday, March 25, 2011

Harris Corporation presents three new TV transmission products at this year's 2011 NAB Show

Harris Corporation will be launching three new TV transmission products for the terrestrial broadcast space at this year's 2011 NAB Show that are designed to help with the transition to digital and to improve over the air services.

The three new products are its Maxiva UAX Compact Class transmitter; the Apex M2XTM exciter IP and satellite receiver modules; and Harris Outdoor Transmission Enclosures(OTE).

The Maxiva UAX Compact Class is an air-cooled, UHF TV transmitter/transposer/SFN gap filler incorporates Harris PowerSmart technology and the Apex M2X multimedia exciter to provide today’s broadcaster unmatched performance, reliability and quality that provides terrestrial TV and mobile DTV broadcasters with several options to boost over-the-air services.

The transmitter is designed with future broadcasting needs in mind, the Maxiva UAX Compact Class is a single platform available as a transmitter, transposer or SFN gap filler for DVB-T/H, DVB-T2, ATSC, ATSC-MDTV, FLOTV™, ISDB-Tb, CMMB, CTTB and other emerging digital standards to extend market coverage in challenging situations, including busy urban areas that require greater building penetration.

The Maxiva UAX Compact Class transmitter range system family will also include translators and transposers and single-frequency network gap-fillers with adaptive echo cancellation to allow DTV broadcasters to better cover their markets and reach viewers in suburban or rural areas that are blocked by mountains and other obstacles.

Complementing Harris’ Maxiva UAX medium power series, the Maxiva UAX Compact Class provides pre-filter power levels from 5W to 50W, in a compact space-saving, 2 RU package. Maxiva UAX Compact Class utilizes field-proven complementary technologies from several existing Harris products: the Apex M2X multimedia exciter, the Maxiva UAX and ULX series and the Harris PowerSmart design initiative for RF amplification. This powerful blend provides best-in-class performance with respect to size and functionality.

All transmitters in the Maxiva UAX Compact Class series use Harris’ reliable and field-proven Real-Time Adaptive Correction (RTAC) technology, enabling optimum utilization the power amplifier, while maintaining spectral mask compliance of the digital signal. The only system with simultaneous, linear and nonlinear, adaptive, memoryful precorrection, RTAC provides the highest level of system correction capability. With RTAC, the UAX Compact Class transmitter continuously monitors and corrects for linear distortions at the output of the mask filter, while automatically adapting for amplifier non-linearity - keeping your station well within compliance and maximizing your coverage.

Featuring Harris PowerSmart technology in its transmitter architecture, the Maxiva UAX line offers superior power and efficiency. New 50-volt LDMOS device technology delivers a dramatic increase in power density, lower operating costs and reduced cost of ownership over the life of the transmitter.

New modules for the Harris Apex M2X multimedia exciter product line include an IP input for ASI streams and a new DVB-S/DVB-S2 satellite receiver module, which allows broadcasters to download satellite content and feed it directly into the exciter without external device requirements.

Harris is also exhibiting its new range of Outdoor Transmission Enclosures, which provides a pre-built solutions for high-power broadcasters by adding repeater sites to improve market coverage. The products are also designed for low-power, mobile and radio broadcasters that rely on shared sites or single-frequency networks.

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